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About Us

Zindagi is a youth activist organization created with the aim of community building, spreading awareness, and educating people regarding socio-economic issues which concern certain sections of the society. Our organisation believes community outreach is an effective medium by which we can implement these plans. We plan to raise capital through fundraisers which will aid our efforts to educate and reach out to the target audience. The projects which our organisation will undertake represent small steps in the path to creating an easier world to live in.

Menstrual Drive

Help provide underprivileged girls & women access to Sanitary Products

‘71% of girls in India, remain unaware about menstruation, when they first start their period.’ Zindagi as an organisation, along with the Rotaract Club of The Caduceus and Enactus H.R. College, has started a project to create Menstrual Hygiene Awareness in economically backward areas. We aim to target low income communities, educate children in under resourced schools and homeless communities to create a better, well defined awareness on menstrual hygiene and its importance. Zindagi will be purchasing the menstrual kits for Rs. 250 and distributing them. These kits are prepared by women who are familiar with the requirements of those living in rural areas. By promoting the use of cloth sanitary napkins we also aim to create an eco-friendly poise to battle environment change and global warming.   A high percentage of the population in India has distorted views regarding menstruation...

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